Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Thanksgiving for Nature’s Bounty

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to pause and give thanks for our many blessings, and as Richard Moore shows us, we have plenty to be thankful for in the bountiful South Texas outdoors.

The stirring calls of wild geese fills the autumn air, a majestic buck regally surveys his domain and myriad colorful butterflies flit thru native foliage.

Thanksgiving is a time when we traditionally pause and give thanks for our blessings, and there is certainly plenty to be thankful for in our bountiful natural world.

Thanksgiving in the United Sates dates back to pilgrims and Native Americans gathering in 1621 to celebrate a plentiful harvest, and wild game was certainly on the menu.

While the fourth Thursday in November is the traditional day revered as Thanksgiving, any day of the year is worthy of celebration in the South Texas outdoors as every season bestows its blessings.

As spring progress into summer, nesting birds begin raising their young, and the years first whitetail fawns appear.

In the early spring, native songbirds greet the dawn with exuberant song and multi hued wildflowers carpet the earth, while shimmering gobblers proudly strut in hopes of attracting a willing hen.

Nesting islands in the Lower Laguna Madre host thousands of colonial waterbirds and speckled trout begin to spawn in the shallow waters of the bay.

Tropical red-crowned parrots soon emerge from nest cavities with their offspring, and bright orange Altamira orioles sing enthusiastically from the tops of their distinctive dangling nests.

The annual fall migration of wild geese will once again signal the coming of winter, as the cycle of nature comes full circle.

It is always time to pause and give thanks for such abundant and diverse wildlife in the South Texas outdoors.

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