Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Rattling Time

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – It’s a special time of the year in the brush country. A time when White-tailed bucks try and flex their muscles to find a mate or maybe just a fight.

The sharp clack of clashing antlers breaks a chilly dawn silence. First rays of sunlight just starting to paint the chaparral as a hunter smacks his weathered antlers together wile peering intently into the brush.

It is approaching mid-December and the annual dance of doe and buck is in full swing. This is the season you live for if you are a White-tailed deer enthusiast. This time of the year the sound of crashing antlers attracts wary bucks that are intent on routing their rivals and squiring any available doe.

During the December rut or breeding season White-tailed bucks will lock antlers as they compete for does and dominance. The sound of clashing antlers is noise creating by a pair of battling bucks. Sometimes bucks will come flying in at top speed looking for love or at least a good fight.

However, most mature bucks are cautious and often circle warily looking to detect scent before revealing themselves. Bucks have an ability to pinpoint the exact source of sound and with their radar-like ears focus intently on where that enticing rattling is coming from. So if you were to fool a wary buck you best be welled camouflaged.

Research has documented that a lone hunter rattling from the ground sees only a third of the deer coming to his horns. A well camouflaged site with a commanding view as down-wind approaches greatly enhances a rattler success.

Whether you are a hunter, photographer or someone who just enjoys seeing White-tailed deer in full vigor. There is nothing quite like the thrill of rattling up a buck, and you never know who may surprise you.

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