RGV’s only rage room provides customers with a controlled stress release

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Rio Grande Valley’s only rage room allows its customers to release any frustrations or stress in a controlled environment.

The owners of ‘Out-Rage-Us’, Luis Coronado and Shelsea Perez said they officially opened their business on July 16 in an effort to help relieve some of that pent-up frustration.

According to Coronado, since they opened less than a month ago, business has been great. He added they even have guests travel from Mexico and as far as upstate Texas.

Before going into one of their rage rooms guests must fill out a waiver and gear up with gloves, a hard hat, goggles, and a suit. Guests will also have a variety of weapons to choose from like a crowbar, bat, or golf club.

Guests will also have the opportunity to choose their own music while in the rage room to “get the blood flowing.”

Coronado and Perez said they supply “rage crate” with breakable items. There are also tires and trash cans set up for guests to take a swing at.

“We pretty much have everything from glassware, which is cups and plates,” said Shelsea Perez. “We even have toasters, TVs, doors. Pretty much anything you can think of, we have it here.

Perez added that a splatter room will be available at the same location within the next two weeks.

For more information on their hours and pricing, visit their Facebook page.

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