Powerful winds swept through the valley this morning leaving behind plenty of damage.  

The powerful winds took with it the roof of Michael Musgrove mobile home in Harlingen.  

“They had reports of 67 mph at the airport,” said Musgrove. “Right about 6 o’ clock it was really quiet and then all of a sudden, I heard almost like a miniature tornado because it made like a scream.”  

That noise of screaming came from Musgrove’s porch as winds ripped the homes car port off, flinging it over his home and into his neighbor’s yards.  

“Next thing I know, it tore the whole thing off and I just knew right off because I could hear it over the top of the trailer,” said Musgrove.   

Musgrove is disabled and he lives with his wife.

“It scared my wife really bad,” said Musgrove.

But the damage is too extensive to simply put back in place. 

“I told her things happen and we’re able to get through it,” said Musgrove.   

Lucky for him, church friends came by as soon as the sun came up, ready to help pick up the pieces.  

“Today we’re going to try and help our friend Michael, he needs help and we’re willing to help him.” 

Musgrove does not have insurance and says repairs will cost several thousand dollars.  

In the meantime, he is grateful for the friends who have come out to help with the cleanup.