RGV Soccer Team Ready for its First Season

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The RGV Toros will be kicking of their first season ever this Saturday. The players come from all around the world and some have never even been professional until this weekend. Regardless, they say they are absolutely ready for their first opponent.

Coach Wilmer Cabrera says, “Everyone thinks the same way, works the same way, and at the end that it’s going to be the champion. But we are all going to compete the best way possible.”

The team came out of a five game preseason. Results look promising, but what is the message the Toros want to give to the RGV?

 “Hopefully we can bring a good philosophy to this region about loving this game, being a professional team and try to play the game the way we like with the ball, with good possession and good identity,” says Cabrera.

Although everything is almost set for the start of the season, the Toros are still missing a stadium. This means that the first five games may all end up being away games.

Midfielder Kevin Garcia Says,“Yea we’re traveling away, so I mean, we have the away field disadvantage. But we are going to stick to our style of play and we are not worried about the situation. We’re taking it game by game. We’re just focused on Tulsa. We need to make sure that we beat them and make sure we come back with a win.”

The first game will be at Tulsa this Saturday at 7 p.m. from what I was able to see during practice, the players are eager for their first matchup.

 Q: “What message do you want to send to Tulsa this weekend?”

A: “To Tulsa?”

Q: “yes”

A:“Come at us with everything you’ve got. We’re ready for you.”

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