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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — One of the many effects since the pandemic has been food shortages among restaurants and food chain services, but some Rio Grande Valley school districts say they also went and others are going through food shortages. 

Galina Reyes, Vanguard Academy Child Nutrition Director says last year they took a toll because of the pandemic causing them to have a food shortage. 

“A year ago, I would say it was emotionally and physically challenging.” Reyes goes on to say, “we have experienced Food shortages since Covid started, I mean it hit us from one day to the next.”

Reyes says even though food shortages brought a number of problems, there was a silver lining. 

“Going through Covid at this past year and a half has brought us so much team effort, teamwork, and communication with vendors who have already announced that there are going to be some problems ahead,” said Reyes. 

Reyes says once they knew what to order, the school district started pre-ordering items they knew they would have access to.

“Making menu plans a year in advance. You work with the co-op, you work with your vendors, you pre-order,” said Reyes. 

 Reyes says the school does not have to worry about feeding their 5000 plus students this year.

“We will continue to have available meals for breakfast and lunch for all the campuses and I think because we are a smaller school district versus a larger comprehensive district,” said Reyes. 

Meanwhile bigger school districts like Maria Woodrum, Mission CISD Child Nutrition Director says they have experienced food shortages this school year specifically a decrease in lactose milk. 

“We did worry a little bit last week because we were running very short, and we knew we had to have that on hand for the children but one of our dietitians was able to go purchase some at HEB and we were able to go purchase some at Sam’s,” says Woodrum. 

Both Vanguard Academy and Mission CISD say they will make sure they have what they need for their students.

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