HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Governor Greg Abbott’s order for truck inspections at commercial border crossings is bringing several challenges to produce companies.

Jason Stros, Director of Business Development for the family-operated company, Santis Produce and Jesus Falcon, President of Fresh Tex LLC said the increased truck inspections are affecting all produce companies throughout the Rio Grande Valley. 

“Never has it been continuous days, and those continuous days is costing a lot of money,” said Stros. 

Stros said as a supplier there is an obligation to fulfill the needs of the consumer.  

“Not only is the consumer fighting for the basics of gas but now here you are wondering what’s going on with supply change of food,” said Stros. 

According to Jesus Falcon, commercial trucks used to cross border crossings on the same day but that is no longer the case. 

“With this situation, it takes trucks three days to cross because they are taking alternative routes from the Pharr commercial bridge, now they’re going through Progreso, Los Indios, and Miguel Alemán,” said Falcon. 

Falcon said the increased wait time for truck inspections is affecting the quality of the produce they carry.

“Sometimes people don’t want it, pay for half of its worth or throw it away,” said Falcon.  

Both Stros and Falcon hope Governor Abbott changes truck inspections back to how they were before the situation turns into economic chaos.

“I hope things get resolved soon because if this continues it will mainly affect agriculture workers in Mexico,” said Falcon.

In the meantime, both produce companies said they will continue doing what they can to continue running their businesses.