BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With Title 42 slated to end Thursday night, many groups and organizations across the Rio Grande Valley are doing everything they can to help migrants once they cross the border. 

The Practice Mercy Foundation helps migrants with food, clothing, and resources to guide them through the immigration process.

“And also that they can assimilate into American society,” said Practice Mercy Foundation Fonder Alma Ruth. “They can participate as productive citizens as well so that children can enroll in his school so they can get a job so they can do everything that it takes to produce their support to American society.”

Many local churches are also offering help and shelter for those released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“The important thing is that people get full hot meals, they get a chance to have clean clothing, changing out of the clothes that they traveled through Mexico, and also at times, depending on their need to receive some medical attention, legal advice about what are the rights as they are released into the united states as an immigrant,” said Father Bob Charlton of Queen of Peace Church in Harlingen.

Free legal advice is one of the biggest resources these organizations offer as migrants are released legally in the U.S.

“Previously, what I had was I had a couple of lawyers who came over pro bono just to advise people what their rights were. And we give people when they depart they have a list of things that are their legal rights which they can show to local law enforcement or other people as they’re in transit,” said Father Bob.

Many other local shelters, like Good Neighbor Settlement and the Ozanam Center, are also helping the migrants.