RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Following Governor Greg Abbott’s remarks on the possible influx of immigrants at the end of Title 42, county leaders are preparing.

Inspections of commercial trucks at our ports of entry are one of the governor’s strategies to deal with migrant crossings. RGV officials shared the impact it could have on our economy as well as traffic when entering Texas. 

“It’s going to encourage or discourage people from wanting to cross, especially when they see long bridge lines. We see that the long wait times at the bridges really discourage people from coming over,” said Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez.

The City of Brownsville is one of many cities in the RGV impacted by the travel from Mexico. While Mendez said he’s not sure how much of an economic impact it will have on the community, he does expect some.

“Mexico is certainly the largest trading partner for the state of Texas. It’s a big part of our economy we saw during the strongest times of COVID we saw when we had bridge restrictions and crossing restrictions it did affect our economy and it affected it quite significantly,” said Mendez.

He added Brownsville is working to make plans to prevent that from happening again. Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez said while it’s hard to plan for the unknown, preparations are coming. 

“We are working with Sister Norma who has taken the task of trying to assist and help those immigrants who need the testing or need vaccinations or assistance for us to help with them,” said Cortez.

In order to fix the migrant situation at the border, Judge Cortez added that more needs to be done. 

“Many jobs that Americans don’t want that are typically performed by immigrants that are coming in here and that’s why they come because there’s jobs available for them. So why don’t we give them an easy legal way to come here?” said Cortez.

Cortez and Mendez share that immigration reform is needed to address the ongoing migrant situation. They add that sending migrants to Washington, D.C. is not the way to fix it and explain those resources should be allocated elsewhere.