RGV congressman expects quick work and unity from Biden administration

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Congressman Henry Cuellar and his daughter attend the 2021 Presidential Inauguration (source: Congressman Henry Cuellar)

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — With a new president now inaugurated to lead the nation, legislatures are reacting to what kind of policies are expected from this administration.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28) reacted positively to Joe Biden’s transition into the presidency and commented that he expects quick work and unity from his administration.

During the inauguration ceremony, Cuellar noted that there was a sense of patriotism in the air, despite COVID-19 regulations limiting the size of the inauguration and he hopes American positivity can continue.

“When I saw thousands of American flags waving in the wind, it brought a symbol that even though people weren’t there, there were people from Texas, California, Chicago, Alaska, etc. in spirit,” said Cuellar. “It was different, under COVID-19 and the security, but at the same time I was joyful because we had a celebration of democracy.”

With a democratic president in office, Cuellar expects many policies he is in favor of being pushed by the Biden administration. Though, he hopes for a peaceful discourse from both sides of the political aisle.

“We will have a lot more access to this administration,” said Cuellar. “I think they’re going to listen to us a lot more than the past administration.”

Some of the policies Cuellar hopes the Biden administration focuses on are COVID-19 vaccine rollout, immigration reform, environmental regulations, and student loan forgiveness.

President Biden worked quickly on some of these policies in the first hours of his presidency.

Biden issued executive orders on his first day in office stopping construction of the border wall, reentering the United States into the Paris Agreement, held off student loan payments for another eight months, and granting citizenship for DACA recipients, among others.

This quick action is something Cuellar expects Biden to make a common theme.

Cuellar also expects Biden to rollout mass amounts of COVID-19 vaccines across the country to control the pandemic as quickly as possible.

“In the first 100 days he wants to put out 100 million vaccines,” said Cuellar. “We’re gonna work together to get the vaccines out a lot faster.”

Immigration is something Cuellar hopes the Biden Administration is able to positively impact. He supports border security with technology and personnel, but opposes the wall. However, Cuellar sees getting undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship is an essential priority.

“We don’t want to just help the 800 thousand dreamers, we also want to help the 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants, but that’s gonna take legislation,” said Cuellar “I hope we have the capitol from our Republican friends to have bipartisan immigration reform.”

Cuellar looked forward to the future of America under Biden and commended him for putting a stance on uniting the nation and its citizens.

“Notice in his speech he didn’t talk about politics or policies, he talked about one thing: unity,” said Cuellar. “One of the biggest crises we have is trusting the government and trusting each other.”

Cuellar ended pushing for Biden’s sentiments for those who voted against him to give him a chance to lead the nation into brighter days.

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