RGV cities and counties to receive reimbursements for COVID-19 costs

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (CBS 4) — More than a billion dollars is coming to the Rio Grande Valley to help cover the cost of COVID-19. 

“The county will get $5.5 billion, Brownsville $10.2 million, Harlingen would get $3.758 million, La Feria $400,000 and so on based on the population,” said Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino, Wednesday. 

The federal government has allowed the Governor’s office to help local governments with money spent on COVID-19. 

The City of Brownsville qualifies for $10.2 million as they are the largest city in Cameron County. 

Cameron County has the most COVID-19 cases compared to other valley counties.  

“The city of Brownsville had the first city-operated drive-thru site in the valley and some of those costs could be covered by this funding,” explained Noel Bernal, City Manger for Brownsville. 

The money will go to things like that and other operations that had to step up when COVID-19 started spreading. 

“We already have done things through our local EDC to support local business, we can follow additional resources into those areas,” said Bernal,” Also, our police officers that are designed to be patrolling the streets and doing other things were redirected to support COVID and those are costs we’re also seeking reimbursement for because those should have been services for the community, not used on COVID.” 

Bernal says The City of Brownsville has spent about $5-million on COVID-19. 

However, the federal government can take back the money if it is not used properly. 

“It needs to be related to COVID-19, in the event that funds are expended that are not COVID-19 related, federal government will take them back and they are non reimbursable and expect pay back and if the funds aren’t used by the end of the year they will go back to the federal treasury,” said County Judge Eddie Trevino. 

Cities that apply to receive the reimbursement money can get at least 20% as soon as they submit the paperwork. 

Below are the amount that Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino said each city qualifies for. 

  • Cameron County: $5.5 million
  • Brownsville $10.2 million
  • Harlingen $3.758 million
  • La Feria $429,000 thousand
  • Port Isabel $282,000 thousand
  • Primera $283,000 thousand. 
  • Rancho Viejo $141,000 thousand
  • San Benito $1.355 million 

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