RGV car clubs come together to support member with cancer

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For the Perez family, the car community stepped up when they learned their mother and vice president of Rollin’ Big Car Club RGV, Alma Perez, was diagnosed with cancer.

For some car clubs in the Rio Grande Valley, their love for cars goes beyond the engine, it is about family and the community.

“And the amount of people that showed up it was amazing,” said Luis Perez, Alma’s husband, referencing the fundraisers planned for Alma.

When Alma’s club learned she had cancer the word got out to other clubs.

“First thing I did was reach out to a couple of friends of mine: Anita, ‘White Boy Chris’, and Clemente, and I said we gotta do something,” said Tobias Herrera, owner of Herrera Kustomz Body and Paint Shop.

Herrera and others put together multiple car shows to raise funds for Alma’s chemotherapy cost.

“We were getting messages from other car clubs all over the Valley, just pouring out like ‘what can we do? What is something that they need?’,” said Clemente Valdez, president of Rollin’ Big Car Club RGV.

As the word continued to get out, it reached out as far as Austin, but Herrera said that her popularity is not just because she is a vice president.

“I think that’s why her being that familiar face and that good person she is just brought everybody together,” said Herrera.

Herrera and Valdez said she has always put others first and helped anyone out whenever they needed it, and now it is their turn to be there for her.

“It’s mind-blowing to know that we are now in the position to where we are now needing help, everybody has come together to show how united we are,” said Cristian Perez, Alma’s son.

Alma said she is on her last month of treatments and is hopeful she will make a full recovery but said she owes it all to her family and friends.

“To this day it’s very emotional to know that because of my truck people know who I am,” said Perez. “In anything y’all lent a hand, I love y’all from the bottom of my heart.”

To donate to Alma’s chemotherapy fund the public can send donations via CashApp: $Jefe1966.

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