Reuniting Immigrant Children With Parents A Slow Process

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Reunions of immigrant children with their families will likely happen in other states.

The majority of the Central American children are detained in the Rio Grande Valley. For months the Valley has been the focus of the immigration debate. With visits from high profile leaders from all over the country.

From the First Lady of the United States to the Reverend Al Sharpton, most Americans want immigrant children to be reunited with their parents. Yet the Rio Grande Valley remains the epicenter of the immigration debate and the separation of families.

“I’m against it, I’m against the separation of any child from their parent, toddler or baby or child of any age.” Says U.S. Congressman Vicente Gonzalez.

President Trump’s enforcement of the Zero Tolerance policy is sparking criticism on both sides of the aisle.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives says, “As I said previously, we do not want children taken away from their parents.”

The separation of families prompting dozens of lawmakers to visit the border and tour the detention centers where the children are reportedly caged almost all day.

U.S. Congressman David Cicilline, Rhode Island, “Decisions always have to be made in the best interest of a child. And there is no interpretation of that standard that would ever suggest, separating young children from their mothers, is in the best interest of a child.”

U.S. Congressman Mark Pocan, Wisconsin, “six by ten area and you get out two hours a day. That to, I think a child, ten years old, is a prison.”

Even with President Trump’s executive order to end family separation, at least 2,000 parents are left without a way to locate their children. It’s been reported that the children have been sent to at least 13 different states. The immigration debate will continue.

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