COMBES, Texas (ValleyCentral) – In the city of Combes residents have been asking community leaders to fix a road in front of their homes.   

Since 2011 residents have been demanding that Nixon Road be paved properly, 12 years later the road is now half way done.   

“It’s horrible. I mean, it takes a toll on the vehicles,” said Robert Rocha, a Combes resident of five years.

Residents who live on Nixon Road have been begging city leaders to fix the road and get rid of the large potholes.

A number of residents called ValleyCentral in the past few weeks to see if we could help get the road fixed. 

“It’s a, kinda disturbing. We’ve had quite a bit complaints that the residents on this street requested from the town of combes. The town of combes will claim the whole street is theirs, and yet they don’t do anything about it,” said Combes resident Gerard Rohrbough. 

The northern portion of the road has been paved because it falls under the jurisdiction of Cameron County. The southern part of the small country road has yet to be worked on besides a couple of potholes that have been filled with asphalt. That section belongs to the city.  

“The potholes, the potholes that have been filled in there just shovels don’t shovel loads of, of asphalt that’s dumped on it. And it’s left to the drivers up and down the street to smooth it out,” Rohrbough said.  

Aaron Azaldua has been a home owner on Nixon Road since 2008 and says because of the poor condition of the street his vehicles have needed repairs. 

“Bad for vehicles. I’ve already had to fix a strut that shocks on my wife’s vehicle because they just don’t do anything about it,” Azaldua said. 

Cameron County Precinct 4 Commissioner Gus Ruiz says the county did a full reconstruction of Nixon Road six months ago.  

He says the county had an agreement with the city of Combes for them to complete the southern portion of the street.  

But says once the county did their part, the city backed out.   

Combes officials say the reason they backed out of the project was to include better drainage into the improvement and will start working on it soon.  

“I’ve been told that before. So we’re just going to wait and see I guess because I was told somewhere in December it was going to go forbid and they’re waiting for a contract to go through and then from there, we’re gonna have to wait and see,” Rocha said. 

Combes officials says they are hoping to have a bid for the project in June and have Nixon Road fixed by August.