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Editor’s Note: This story was updated with the response of Hidalgo County Precinct One and the City of Weslaco.

WESLACO, Texas (KVEO) — Flash flooding is nothing new for the Las Brisas subdivision. 

“We know how to skin this cat already,” said Noe Mendoza from Weslaco.

Mendoza and his neighbors are used to the constant floods because it happens just about once every year.

“I moved here about 20 years ago and I’ve seen it steadily do better then back to not so good,” he said.

Mendoza isn’t the only resident in the neighborhood who’s tired of the continuous floods.

“We’ve been living here since 2002 and this is our fifth-time flooding but lately it’s been a common thing every year,” said Diana Espinoza.

This year multiple residents like Espinoza posted on Facebook to express their growing frustrations.

“Everyone was complaining and saying this was the third time in a roll and year that has happened. Everyone is tired of this,” said Espinoza.

Espinoza has her own theories as to why the flooding keeps happening in their neighborhood. “Probably the pipe that they’re doing to contain the water to pump it over there from the canal is helping but I don’t think it’s finished and they should try to finish it so this won’t happen again,” said Espinoza. 

However, this time around neighbors are banding together on social media.

“A lot of our neighbors have come together this last flood time on social media and we plan to push a little more for things to get a little better here,” said Mendoza 

Hidalgo County Precinct One Commissioner David Fuentes says, “Las Brisas subdivision is inside city limits of Weslaco and uses county drainage system. Hidalgo County Precinct One will continue to assist the city in any way possible to help dewater all areas in Precinct One. The detention facility adjacent to Las Brisas displaced water that have historically damaged homes during rain events. Our operations and dewatering efforts have been running Twenty four hours a day since Hurricane Hanna made landfall and we will continue working this weekend for the residents of Precinct One.”

“As a commissioner, I’ve been in constant communication with the residents of Las Brisas regarding their legitimate drainage concerns. As a resident of this district, I recognize the need for drainage improvements that protect residents and their property, which they have worked hard to maintain. After input from residents and a drainage study, the city and county worked together on several projects, including the nearby county regional detention facility that greatly benefited the Las Brisas neighborhood and saved homes from floodwaters during Hurricane Hanna. We have made great progress as a city in recent years, and we will continue the work that needs to be done. Our Weslaco residents are resilient, courageous and strong. I’d like to sincerely thank them for caring about the city as well as their honest feedback,” said City of Weslaco Commissioner Josh Pedraza. 

The subdivision did clear up, but the residents hope that the city can find a solution to this ongoing problem. 

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