Residents raise questions on vaccine voucher distributions and how they are used

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Vaccine distributions across the Rio Grande Valley are raising concerns among residents waiting hours in line.

“They were allowing all of these cars to get in front of us since we had been there since 4 am,” said Daniela Ramos, a resident from La Feria who says she waited more than 9 hours during a vaccine clinic in Los Fresnos.

Ramos said she was accompanying her elderly mother and father who are in need of the vaccine but said she was frustrated when she saw people with vouchers getting in front of the line. Especially when the event was supposed to be on a first come first serve basis. 

“The Los Fresnos police department started allowing cars that had vouchers from yesterday come and cut in line in front of about 200 cars which were in my line,” said Ramos.

We reached out to Cameron County Emergency Management who tell us people started lining up yesterday afternoon.

“We started letting them in here as soon as the operation from yesterday finished we moved the lines closest to the fire department and people started parking,” said Rolando Casas, Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator for Cameron County.

While Casas said he understands people’s frustrations and the long wait times. He said the vouchers were given on a first come first serve basis to reflect those who had been waiting since the night before.

“They already waited overnight, they already received their voucher so some leave and take care of whatever errands or things that they have to take care of, and then they come back,” said Casas.

According to Casas, they ask people to start lining up by 4 am for a fair chance to get the vaccine, but people will begin to line up even earlier which is why many are finding it unfair. 

“We’re trying to explain to them that we do have these individuals that arrived at 4 pm the day before… no matter how much we ask for them to line up they’re going to line up,” said Casas.

Casas is asking the community to be patient and said the vouchers are a way for them to determine how many vaccines they have left. 

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