Residents left with no drinking water, flooded roads for 2 weeks, still no help from Hidalgo County

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HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Brushline Road is a county road outside of Mission, where residents say a cotton field drained water onto their residential road, flooding their homes, and contaminating their drinking water.

“Yeah we haven’t been able to shower here—the water here comes dark—and we cannot shower and it smells bad also,” said Isaac Torres, a resident on Brushline. “We can’t even brush our teeth! We have to go buy drinkable water to wash our teeth.”

Isaac shared this video with us from the date of the incident that he says took place about two weeks ago.

Video courtesy Isaac Torres

“My mom didn’t go to work for three days or four days,’ said Torres. “If she went over there she got stuck.”

Now, residents have to deal with frog, mosquito, and snake infestations. They also say that the water has pesticides in it from the neighboring farm it is coming from.

Another resident named Greg Sharpe is a beekeeper, and he says that he has also been behind on business because of this issue.

“We’ve been out here since 1976 and it’s never been like this,” said Sharpe. “I can’t get equipment out and I can’t get all my big stuff out because of this and I still can’t.”

Sharpe says he has been calling the county for sixteen days and they will come out momentarily, then leave.

Contaminated water from the water hose at Isaac Torres’s home

“They came out yesterday—spread it out a little bit—put a little bit of—if you want to call it caliche,” said Sharpe. “But as you drive up and down it you’re still sinking.”

Sharpe says he has called the county judge, the sheriff’s office, and has gone as far as calling Governor Greg Abbott’s office to fix the problem.

Sharpe says the farm is called Reavis Farms and believes the field is a cotton field, and when KVEO called them, they did not call back.

KVEO also called Everardo Villarreal, Hidalgo County’s precinct 3 commissioner, but his office said he was unavailable for an interview due to him traveling.

Instead he sent us this statement:

“The recent heavy rains in the northern part of the region have caused natural streams to drain south, which caused flooding on North Brushline Road. Our Field Operations team has been working on North Brushline Road and has added caliche to help facilitate access to Mr. Sharp’s property.

At this point, we have to wait for the road to dry so our team can address the damage caused by the heavy rains and make improvements to the road. These improvements will help us mitigate future floods in the area.”

Everardo Villarreal, Precinct 3 Hidalgo County Commissioner

KVEO sent them a follow-up email but received no response.

Greg Sharpe says he is tired of excuses

“It needs to get—the problem needs to get solved because we cannot be living like that—this is bad,” said Torres.

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