BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A group of migrants are trying to come up with a way to purchase a bus ticket to their next destination in the United States.

Migrants near the bus station in Brownsville are trying to come up with enough money to move forward and make their American dream come true.

Estamos lavando los carros para una colaboración para los pasajes,” [We are washing cars to come up with money for tickets] Venezuelan migrant Jesus said.

Aaron Beltran owns a business across the bus station where the migrants are dropped off and decided to help them raise money.

“They came out here asking for a job so I was just trying to figure out ways to create some sort of job for them,” Beltran said.

Beltran decided to come up with a car wash concept for migrants to work at.

“They’ve lost friends on the way, they have left family behind,” Beltran said. “They’ve been struggling all the way over here. They just want to work.”

The car wash concept has been welcomed by residents as an act of kindness to help the migrants make it farther north.

Deben de existir mas, mas personas como el,” [There must be more, more people like him,] Venezuelan migrant Eddward said. “Esta dando una mano amiga que muchos lo necesitamos.” [He is lending a helping hand that many of us need.]