Some Edinburg residents are calling for the resignation of Mayor Richard Molina following his recent arrest on election fraud related charges.

Robert Solis, a 44-year resident of Edinburg, filed an affidavit on Wednesday for a recall election for Molina.

“A lot of people feel the mayor has lost his effectiveness,” he said. “He lost public trust.”

In the affidavit, Solis writes that the allegations against Molina are “severe,” and that “the negative impact will forever leave a black stain on the city.”

Last week, Molina and his wife turned themselves into authorities.

The arrests stem from charges that Molina allegedly took part in an illegal voting scheme in which he asked voters to change their address to vote for him.

Allegations the city spokesperson denies.

“He maintains his innocence,” said Cary Zayas shortly after Molina’s arraignment last week.

Solis said that whether Molina is found guilty or not, residents like him would like to voice their concerns through a recall election.

“We aren’t saying that he’s guilty,” said Solis. “What we are saying is that he lacks the ability to be an effective mayor.”

Solis said he is also concerned about Molina’s absence from the public eye following his arrest.

In a statement, a city spokesperson confirmed the receipt of the affidavit, but stated that no other information was available at this time.

“If he wins that will prove to the mayor that he is still the people’s choice,” said Solis. “That will only make his position stronger.

The next step is for Solis to receive the official petition forms from the city secretary’s office.

Solis will need to garner around 2,000 signatures to move forward with the recall election.