Trash service company still behind on brush pick-up after violating contract with Cameron County

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) —In recent weeks, Cameron County brush pick-up has been delayed. Now Harlingen residents are speaking out about neglected trash pickup.

“In this neighborhood—they don’t pick up the trash sometimes it will go on two to three weeks and it’s like what is going on?” said Biada Galvan, a Cameron County resident in the Harlingen area.

Courtesy Biada Galvan; Pictured: Overfilled trash left without pickup

Last week Cameron County commissioners decided that Republic Services, the county’s contracted trash service, breached its contract for failing to provide services on time.

Now, Republic Services has 30 days to catch up before the county considers terminating the contract.

It is now a week after the county gave them the deadline, Galvan said nothing has changed.

“My bill for the service for the trash and bulk pick-up altogether is $90 or around $100,” said Galvan.

Galvan said she feels she is throwing her money away because there is brush that has been sitting for over a month.

“We’re having to go to another bin where my son-in-law works to drop the trash because we don’t have any alternative,” said Dody Torres, Galvan’s neighbor.

Galvan said she lives in Sector 1 of Republic Services bulk and brush pick-up schedule and spend the last two days calling for pick-up services.

“I don’t know if it’s changed recently—we just see the present,” said the agent. “But I don’t see any notes about a change of day or anything like that.”

Galvan asked if there are issues with trucks because they had mentioned that before, but an agent said there is not. Although there is a shortage of drivers, it is not the case in Cameron County.

“She has it in her notes that there are driver constraints—like we’re low on drivers—but in this area is not saying that,” said the Republic Services agent.

Galvan said she is worried about flooding season and wants the brush picked up soon.

Instead, Republic told her they would have someone out there today, but that is what they said yesterday.

“I guess she wasn’t aware there was a missed pick-up and or delay,” said the agent.

“No, I told her there was a missed pick-up and or delay,” said Galvan.

Though Republic has contracted with a subcontractor Brownsville to help with brush and bulk, it is not yet verified that they have a subcontractor for Cameron County.

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