A local sorority is defying the stereotypes of Greek life.

For these women in pink and maroon, they say its about self-esteem, empowerment and community service. One of our interns, Cynthia Carrizales is part of the Kappa Delta Chi Alpha Beta Chapter at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

“I was able to network more with people I met people who are going into the same industry that I want to go into,” Carrizales said. 

“I personally don’t like the way the Greek life is advertised in the movies and stuff like,” said member Roxana Pesina.

Dinorah Flores said,” The sorority has help me grow so much like help me come out of my shell I’ve met so many new people.”

Here’s a fun fact, the sorority was founded by four women native from the Rio Grande Valley at Texas Tech University in 1987.

The founders said they felt a need to empower Latino and multicultural college students at that time.

The organization is now a nation-wide network.