EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Region One hosted a technology convention Friday that showcased the latest tools that can be utilized in the classroom.

Technology from VR headsets to touchscreen displays was shown to teachers from across the Rio Grande Valley

The convention’s main topic was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it could be used in the classrooms with the use of this technology.

The purpose is to equip the future leaders of tomorrow for the workforce and educate teachers, students, and parents on the use of AI.

Region One Instructional Technology Specialist Karla Lara said AI is slowly being used in many different ways.

Lara said they want to inform the public about the benefits of its use in the classroom. She said the AI that is used in chat software is different from what would be used to help educate.

Lara says it would give students the advantage of taking field trips to national museums, and historical sites without ever leaving the classroom.

As well as bringing elements into the classroom to help visualize what they are studying, such as the anatomy of the human body, or bringing the process of metamorphosis to life before their eyes.

“We’re exploring what AI can do not only for our students but also in education we’re exploring the areas where we can incorporate Artificial Intelligence within the classroom lessons,” said Lara.

Lara added that this technology will help engage students and bring more collaboration in the classroom.