Palm Valley Animal Center is stressing the importance of taking action and doing your part to stop the over population of pets throughout the Rio Grande Valley, especially to reduce the number of animals that are being put down.

PVAC is an open admission shelter, meaning euthanasia not only includes domestic pets, but also bats, possums, skunks and raccoons.

The shelter can see about 30 euthanasia’s daily.

“By simply caring for the animals under your care, being responsible pet owners, providing medical attention, and spay and neuter,” are ways you can help said PVAC Director of Development Rebecca Villanueva.

Animals that are euthanized are handled case by case, spanning from medical conditions to behavioral issues.

“As far as dogs, we could hold up to 500 dogs at a time, but that is not ideal,” Villanueva said. “The reality is that the more animals you have in a shelter, the increase of illness will happen. So, what we try to do is always manage our population.” 

The population is managed by foster programs, adoption specials, educational outreach, partnerships with rescue organizations and euthanasia.

The shelter adds that about 34,000 animals are processed by the shelter every year and anyone with questions is welcome to call them for more information at 956-686-1141