Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican man with kidnapping and voluntary manslaughter convictions on Tuesday.

Agents arrested Marcelino Chan-Xool on Tuesday near Hidalgo, according to the federal criminal complaint against him.

“The defendant claims to have illegally entered the United States on July 18, 2016, near Hidalgo, Texas,” according to the criminal complaint. “Record checks revealed the defendant was formally deported/excluded from the United States on September 23, 2010, through El Paso, Texas.”

Agents also discovered Chan-Xool had convictions on voluntary manslaughter and kidnapping charges in California.

According to an Associated Press article published by San Diego Source in September 2005, he accepted a plea agreement.

Prosecutors dropped murder and assault charges when Chan-Xool pleaded guilty, according to the Associated Press.

The charges resulted from “a bizarre Christmas Day killing in Santa Rosa,” according to an article published by the Press Democrat newspaper of Santa Rosa, California.

According to the newspaper, Chan-Xool and several other men forced their way into a home, threatened residents with bottles and kidnapped a 23-year-old man named William Dzul Sulub.

As Chan-Xool and the other men attempted to leave, Sulub’s friend fired a weapon toward them — and accidentally killed Sulub, according to the newspaper.

A judge sentenced Chan-Xool to 104 months in prison for voluntary manslaughter and 128 months in prison for kidnapping, according to the criminal complaint.

After crossing the border, Chan-Xool is now charged with illegal re-entry.

Chan-Xool’s attorney couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.