EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Friday night’s Texas Gubernatorial debate asked both candidates about issues regarding gun control, abortion and border security.

When asked what they would do to alleviate the financial burden on border communities, Governor Greg Abbott replied, “What we’re doing is making sure is that we are keeping our communities safe and this is completely different than the way things would be under Beto, because he said months ago there’s no problem on the border he said they would reduce immigration enforcement.”

Beto O’Rourke rebutted saying Abbott would blame President Biden for the issues on the border.

“He’s going to try and lie about my record,” O’Rourke said. “He going to try and distract from his failures rather if it’s the light of his failure on with the grid his failures to address school shootings and his failures in immigration. We are eight years into his time as governor and this is what we have on our border.”

With the families of the victims from the Uvalde school shooting behind him, Beto argued that the issue of gun control has been an issue for too long and aims to raise the age limit to purchase an assault rifle if elected.

“All we need is action,” the Democratic challenger said. “The only person standing in the way is the governor of the state of Texas. In Florida after the Parkland shootings, it was 23 days for that Republican governor to raise the age and in those states where they’ve been raised mass shootings are down by 80%. So, yes we can raise the age.”

Abbott said he is still against red flag laws for the reason that it would deny a lawful Texas gun owner their right to due process.

Abortion was another topic discussed during the debate. Many are projected to come out to the polls due to the candidates split views on Roe v Wade.

O’Rourke said this election is about reproductive freedom. “If you care about this, you need to come out and vote,” he said.

“As it concerns abortion Beto’s position is the most extreme he not only supports abortion of a fully developed child,” Abbott said. “He’s even against medical care for a baby who survives an abortion. He’s for unlimited abortion at the taxpayer’s expense.”