HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade caused mixed reactions in the community, but also raised concerns and devastation for Whole Woman’s Health.

“It’s a terrible injustice to the woman of the United States to not be able to have a choice to have an abortion or not,” said Harlingen resident, Joe Wetegrove.

While people like Wetegrove were unhappy with the Supreme Court’s decision, other community members like Aida Vera, are pleased with the decision.

“I’m completely in favor of life. So, any law that promotes life, that helps to stop this, I’m going to be in favor of,” said Vera.

Wetegrove said the decision is taking away the people’s rights.

“I feel very sorry. I have daughters and granddaughters and I think that I would like them to be able to be full Americans,” he said.

The decision had a profound impact on Whole Women’s Health, an organization that provides abortion care for its patients.

“This supreme court decision will change the course of our lives forever,” said Whole Woman’s Health’s president and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller.

Whole Woman’s Health has clinics in five states, including one in McAllen.

Hagstrom Miller said their Texas clinics already made some adjustments after today’s ruling.

“The reversing of Rowe is not abstract for us, at all. Today we had to call hundreds of our patients in Texas and cancel their appointments,” she said.

Although their Texas locations are canceling all abortions, she said there is still hope for patients to get abortion services at their clinics in other states.

“People from Texas have been and will continue to travel to whole women’s health clinics in Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia, and Indiana. And people from Texas can also get Mife (Mifepristone) by mail, which is a medication abortion that we’re able to provide via telemedicine that is mailed to a patient from an online pharmacy. Those services are available to Texans if they travel to a state where those services are not restricted,” she said.

The organization is adjusting because of the restrictions put in place by the decision and Hagstrom Miller said resources will be needed to help those in need.

“We could use your support with hotels to encourage the hotel chains to allow people to check into a hotel who might not have a credit card. Allow car services to donate their services to patients who need rides from airports to hotels, gas cards that we could give to patients that will help them pay for driving from Texas to another state where abortion is available,” she said.

Hagstrom Miller said they will continue to expand services in states where abortion care is still available.

However, she said they do not know the fate of their Texas clinics yet.