RC car racing takes over the Valley

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RC car racing takes over the Valley. (CBS 4 News)

With the hum of the electric motors, another day of racing at the Fun N Sun RV Resort in San Benito is underway, at a facility that may remind you more of NASCAR than the Rio Grande Valley.

“Just like any kind of racing, the adrenaline is flowing,” said Paul Sterkowitz, who helped create the racing group.

The Zoomers as they’re called began racing at this winter Texan resort back in 2014. Now, close to one hundred people at this park alone are part of the RC car paddock. And they take it very seriously.

“Like anything else, you’ve gotta make sure everything is working right because you’re not gonna beat the guy who’s better prepared than you are,” said Peter Dahl, race director for the Zoomers.

The racing is top notch and the facility is state of the art for the radio control world. A track with dirt dug from near the Rio Grande makes speed and skill a priority.

“It’s a great thing to get into. We’ve got people in their 80’s that are still here and racing. We’ve got classes for everybody,” adds Dahl.

Of course, the Zoomers aren’t the only ones racing into the RC craze, with additional tracks popping up in Harlingen and Penitas. But the reason they keep coming back to the track is the community they’ve built around them.

“It’s really an important part of this club, the social aspect. Everyone will be looking over each other’s shoulders to see how everyone else is doing. And when someone wins they really go around and congratulate the winners,” Sterkowitz said.

The Zoomers compete on their track in San Benito on Friday nights and on Sunday afternoons, and regularly see over one hundred valley residents in attendance to watch the races.

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