Rapid Weight Loss Could Lead to Diabetes

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Many people are trying to lose weight quickly before the summer arrives. They’re doing it with shakes and skipping exercise. However, doctors say shakes can make you gain more weight and cause serious health problems in the long run.

Dr. Michael Martinez, DHR Health Bariatric, “Our genetics here, the main population here in the Valley is very susceptible to being sensitive to sugars; even high fruit intake. A lot of people think they’re doing a very healthy thing by eating a fruit milkshake that they make themselves or blending up fruits and taking that as a meal supplement. What they’re actually doing is drinking a high sugar, high calorie shake that they think is healthy, but it may actually be hurting them.”

Dr. Martinez also says the sugar in some fruits, like pineapple and mangoes, are equally high as eating cakes and candy bars. He suggests eating fruits containing high fiber like blackberries and strawberries.

“Somebody who is trying to cut out their food, and trying to “starve themselves”, or avoid eating to try to get pounds off quickly, that again can lead to issues with dehydration. They may feel very light headed or dizzy. They may lose their energy throughout the day and they may have issues with their balance as their electrolytes get thrown off.”

Dr. Martinez adds that the time you eat is not as important as what you are putting in your stomach.

“Now we’re starting to see some benefits in taking big breaks in between eating. Maybe if you eat late at night but you don’t start eating till later in the day, maybe you don’t eat breakfast and you eat a lunch. You’ve gone 10 to 12 hours between meals, that is giving your body time to process that previous meal and get you in a state where you can again start burning calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Doctors say some may experience strokes if attempting to lose weight too fast while they’re under medication and recommends anyone starting a weight loss plan to visit a dietitian first.

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance offers free entry to their gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be hosting a free cooking class for healthy desserts on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:00 p.m. at 5500 Raphael Drive in Edinburg. It will be open to the public.

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