ROMA, Texas (KVEO) — One landowner on the border said that human and drug trafficking activity has increased in recent months and believes that a state-funded border wall is a good idea.

Richard Guerra owns 5,000 acres of land in Roma, Texas, and herds cattle at his ranch, La Anacua Ranch Inc. He told KVEO that on Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol briefed him on some possible new changes.

“They were briefing us on some of the ideas that the governor has that they want to implement,” said Guerra. “They’re starting to maybe form committees to look into various aspects to what it’s going to take to do to build the wall or acquire the land.”

Guerra said that he was included in the meeting because he owns land in Starr County, but there are no official plans yet.

“A lot of that has legal ramifications for them and that hasn’t been worked out—as far as I know—that hasn’t been worked out,” said Guerra.

Guerra’s family has lived in Roma for four generations and said that the neighboring town across the border Miguel Aleman, Mexico is controlled by the cartel—which often crosses through his ranch.

“Right across the river from me is Miguel Aleman and I’m affected by the cartels,” said Guerra. “But the governor has also come up with the idea—and I think it’s a good idea to build a wall, a barrier.”

When KVEO asked Guerra if he would ever donate land to help build the border wall he said, “I probably would and I say I ‘probably’ because I don’t know the details yet.”

Guerra also said he would consider donating money to contribute to the border wall.

“Depending on the amount of money that would be required or asked for I might consider a donation, but I can’t for sure say right now,” said Guerra.

Though Guerra agrees with the state of Texas’ approach to border security, he said Vice President Kamala Harris has the responsibility to visit the border and personally invited her.

Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden to lead the White House effort to tackle the migration challenge at the U.S. southern border in March.

“She has been in power to do that—she needs to come–in fact, she needs to come to the ranch, and I’ll escort her around,” said Guerra.