PRIMERA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Primera Road is currently a muddy mess. Due to the recent rainfall, the road has turned into a big mud puddle that is causing problems for residents.     

The road has been under reconstruction for three weeks now and with Sunday’s rainfall, it is going to take some time for construction to start back up.

Luzmy Garcia lives on the road and has been greatly impacted by its conditions.

“I can’t go anywhere,” Garcia said. “When it rains I’m stuck here for probably two, three, or four days. I have to wait for my husband to come back from work. Sometimes he works overnight, so, I don’t see him all throughout the day or the night. So, I have to wait for the weekend to be able to get water, groceries, all the stuff like that.”

Garcia said she called Monday morning and was told the buses would not travel down the muddy road.

“Today one person from my husband’s side of the family could come to pick them up,” she said. “So, today it was possible but they can’t be doing this every single day for the next two to three weeks that they are gonna take fix the road cause now they are telling us it can’t be done cause of the rain.”

A spokesperson for Harlingen CISD said, for the time being, the school bus will be picking up and dropping off students at Wilson Elementary. 

Parents will park along Stuart Place Road to drop off students through the back parking lot. The Primera Police Department will help with traffic control.