HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — While interviewing a representative from the Bureau of Land Management about a horse and burro adoption event that happens Friday and Saturday, our ValleyCentral reporter Natasha Trindade came up close and personal with a wild horse from the American West.

This horse, named Bob, was brown and white, is a mascot of the wild and unrideable horses available for adoption. As it turns out, Natasha knows a thing or two about the risks of getting on a wild and unrideable horse.

Or at least about “evil” horses, which would not describe Bob.

So what did Natasha learn from her morning with Bob the Horse?

Q. What was that experience like?

Natasha: It was very nice. He had socks, like his fur made him look like he had socks.

Q. Were you afraid of Bob?

Natasha: I am not afraid of Bob, but I am afraid of riding a horse.

Q. Why?

Natasha: Because when I was nine, a horse took off with me.

Q. What?

Natasha: Yeah, I was on the horse, and he took off. That’s why I’m afraid of horses, because it took them 20 minutes to catch me.

Q. Where was this?

Natasha: Argentina.

Q. Wow. How’d they catch you?

Natasha: A lasso! I somehow didn’t fall off the horse.

Q. Will you ever get on a horse again?

Natasha: Probably, if it’s a very tame horse.

Q. But not Bob?

Natasha: Well, Bob is not a riding horse. He’s more like a show horse, well kind of–he’s more like the mascot [of the Bureau of Land Management’s adoption program].

Q. What did you learn from this experience this morning?

Natasha: Not all horses are evil.

To learn more about horses like Bob that are available for adoption Friday and Saturday, Jan. 27-28, in Mercedes, check out Natasha Trindade’s full morning report on ValleyCentral.com.