Donated piano that will eventually make its way to Brownsville. [Courtesy: Angelina Macias]

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — The downtown Brownsville Main Street District board is collecting unwanted pianos for the Project Public Piano, where they will be placed at chosen locations around the downtown area for public use.  

The Main Street District is a program that works with local entities in cities nationwide to help promote the downtown areas and celebrates community culture.  

Main Street board member, Angelina Macias said the project has been on her mind since 2014 when she saw another city had pianos placed around their downtown district.  

“I actually got inspired a few years ago when I went to go visit some family in Denver, and they have them outside in their downtown area,” said Macias.  

This is part of an effort to bring art and entertainment to the downtown Brownsville area. They will be recruiting local artists and community members to help make the pianos unique works for art.  

Donated piano that will eventually make its way to Brownsville. [Courtesy: Angelina Macias

For pianos from the Chicago area, where Macias frequents to visit family, have already been donated, but the problem is bringing them down.  

“We’re ready to go, it’s just a matter of paying the trucking company and getting them down there,” said Macias.   

Macias is working with the Main Street board to figure out how to fundraise for the trip down. 

“Right now, it’s on hold because we don’t know exactly how to get the funds to transport them down. But hopefully, by the fall we’ll come up with something and they’ll be out in public by then,” said Macias. “Right now, they are currently in storage in Chicago.” 

Locations for the pianos are still being figured out, as well as how to keep the pianos safe from the heat and humidity. Macias says one will likely be placed at the Market Square.  

If you are able to help in any way toward the transportation of the pianos or are interested in painting one, you can contact the Main Street District through their Facebook page.