Psychologist Concerned For Immigrant Children At Detention Center

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A licensed psychologist is just one of many showing concern for allegations about hundreds of minors being held in shelters for undocumented children.

After Senator Jeff Merkley’s video of trying to get access to a Southwest Key shelter in Brownsville went viral, psychologist, author, speaker, and internet radio host Dr. Mara Karpel became concerned.

“I am extremely and deeply concerned about the dangerous long-term psychological damage that’s been caused to these children by the trauma of forcibly removing them from their parents at the border.”

Although Dr. Karpel’s practice is based in Austin, she works partly in Harlingen, which is why the treatment of undocumented immigrants’ children in the Rio Grande Valley hits close to home.

“Our goal I think all of us I think we all share this it doesn’t matter what political orientation or what people do for a living or what their ethnic background is we all want to protect children.”

Dr. Karpel is hoping changes will be made.

“We need to keep the children with their parents in order to prevent this irreparable lifelong damage, emotional damage.”

In a statement, Southwest Key programs said they share Senator Merkley’s concerns for children and appreciate that he took the time to travel to the border.

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