PSJA ISD to practice safety drills during school year

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ALAMO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With PSJA schools starting in-person schooling on Aug. 23, students and staff will continue practicing safety drills throughout the school year.

PSJA Police Chief Rolando Garcia told ValleyCentral there are plans in place for crime-related emergencies, but how the schools react is dependent upon the situation.

Garcia said all PSJA schools are required to run through a full lockdown procedure once a semester to ensure all students and staff can practice those safety measures.

Campus staff is also taught how to react and who to call during crime-related emergencies.

Garcia said he never wants to put a pause to the students’ education, so he and his officers will assess all threats first before moving into a full lockdown.

“We don’t take it for granted that it will never happen here,” said Garcia.

Security guards and PJSA ISD law enforcement officers are given in-service training prior to the school year.

According to Garcia, fire drills are also practiced once a month.

Aside from crime-related safety instruction, Garcia said weather-related protocols are taught campus wide as well.

He said PSJA has an operations unit made up of all faculty members on campus that are provided with up-to-date information on all weather threats.

There are predesignated shelters through the school district’s partnership with American Red Cross and Hidalgo County. If a request is made by either of those agencies, those shelters will be activated.

“We work in conjunction with them to make sure that we provide the best possible outcome for the public,” said Garcia.

Weather updates will be provided on both the district’s website and social media pages.

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