One local school district is setting the standard for making parents’ lives easier. 

PSJA I.S.D. is now offering virtual doctor visits for students, and the technology is as easy as the click of a button. 

A typical trip to the school nurse might go something like this. 

“Open, stick out your tongue, say ah,” school nurse Jessica Ramos says. 

For Ramos, Santos Livas Elementary students are in and out of her office daily, but now, thanks to the Telemedicine Program, she has extra help. 

The technology allows school nurses within PSJA I.S.D. to connect with a medical professional that can diagnose students on the spot. 

“She probably just needs an antihistamine that we’ll send to the pharmacy, some Zyrtec,” the doctor says. 

That means they don’t have to miss a day of school, and their parents don’t need to take a day off from work, unless they absolutely have to. 

“The parents love the fact that they get to come pick up the student and they are diagnosed with flu, strep…they have the excuse that they can turn into the front office, and they’re allowed to go home and not wait the three, four hours they usually do when they go to a doctor’s office,” Ramos says.

The district is the first in the Valley to implement the program, and the providers they use accept almost every insurance and Medicaid too. 

“It’s a simple phone call that the nurse will make to the parent then ask, ‘Do you want me to start a visit?'” Sulema Solis, PSJA ISD Director of Health Services, says. 

All in hopes that this will reduce absences, and eliminate any kind of contagious outbreak within their schools. 

Parents with students enrolled in the district can sign up at their local school nurses’ office or through the home access portal.