One Valley school district is continuing their efforts in helping students that have dropped out, as well as at risk students, in obtaining their high school diploma by reaching out and encouraging students to return to school and complete their education.

PSJA Independent School District’s “Countdown to Zero” initiative encourages dropout students to re-enroll in school.

This annual event was envisioned by PSJA ISD Superintendent, Daniel King, in 2007. He saw a community outreach program in which teachers and volunteers would go door-to-door over the course of three weekends and potentially recover dropout students.

“It’s been very, very rewarding, and as you can see here, the team, we have hundreds of volunteers here every Saturday in September,” said King.

King added that many students that have returned to school, in response to the “Countdown to Zero” program, have obtained a high school diploma, and some even have continued to get their associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

The superintendent also explained it all comes down to the community, saying love and attention make the difference.

“As we help each young person to connect and to reach their goals and succeed we build a stronger community.”

The district has recovered more than 800 students for the 2019 school year. The final student state head count is on Sept. 27, 2019.