Protesters hold demonstration in Brownsville

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BROWNSVILLE — Protesters have gathered in Brownsville to demand justice in the death of George Floyd.

More than 300 people gathered at Linear Park in Brownsville working to bring more attention to the death of George Floyd. 

Chants, posters and marches all in hopes of bringing change after the killing of George Floyd. 

“I’m tired of hearing all these names, Sandra Bland, Trevyon Martin, senseless murders,” said Elizabeth Guajardo, Brownsville Protester. 

Guajardo lives in Brownsville and is just one of hundreds that came out to protest Wednesday afternoon. 

“My poster says no puedo respirar, that means I can’t breathe, which is what George Floyd repeating over and over when the officer had his knee on him for nine minutes,” said Guajardo. 

To remember the nine minutes Floyd had a knee on his neck, the protesters kneeled at the steps of the Federal Courthouse, silent. 

“i feel like we need to promote a message of unity for our black brothers and sisters to show them we are all in this together,” said Manny Guajardo, Brownsville Protester.

The four hour protest remained peaceful. 

“We are tired, police brutality must end, but revenge is not the answer, we are doing this to remind people we are here for acceptance, love and peace and the fact that all of you showed up for support shows me we are getting closer to it every day,” said one of the protesters while they exchanged their own personal experiences. 

Brownsville Police were monitoring the situation nearby and no confrontation between police or protesters ensued. 

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