Proposed state sales tax hike looks to stop future property taxes increase

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Proposed state sales tax hike looks to stop future property taxes increase

Governor Greg Abbot, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen have proposed to raise the states sales tax to stop the increase in future property taxes.

Texas ranks 13th in the nation in high state sales tax and that tax could soon increase.

Sales taxes are payed on essentially everything, and Kelly and Jose Madragal a couple visiting from Wisconsin noticed the hike from state to state, “the sales tax is a lot more here so we have noticed it.”

Eida Gomez, a San Juan resident says she is not for the increased tax, “No, I’m totally against it, they have money in the budget they should use that money.”

The proposal would raise the state sales tax sales by 1 percent from 6.25 to 7.25.

Roy Rodriguez McAllen City Manager said it’s an increase that could hurt many here living in the Valley.

“We are concerned about, what it does to the lower-moderate income person of the RGV. Those are the ones that would be hit the hardest, everyone is going to be hit but those are the ones we are certainly concerned about,” Rodriguez said.

Local municipalities can tax up to 2 percent, on top of the 6.25 percent, we found almost all cities in Hidalgo County do just that.

Meaning you pay 8.25 percent every time you go to the register and if the increase passes you’ll be paying much more.

“If our salaries aren’t going up, our retirement isn’t going up, why should everything else go up they need to learn to work with what they have like we have too,” Gomez said.

Gomez said this increase is just too much, “everybody is trying to tack on taxes, in every manner if it’s not the school it’s the county, the city the water district it’s just way too much.”

The bill doesn’t have the support of democrats or full support from republicans.

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