MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The controversy continues as lawmakers push for a ban on books about race and sexuality at public schools. 

“Are we really trying to protect our kids from innocence or are we just trying to silence?,” said Steven Cano the Community Mobilization Coordinator for the Valley Aids Council.

Cano said he’s hurt to see the list of 850 books that Texas Lawmaker Matt Krause wants banned from schools, many of those books are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“This rhetoric, this type of attack on predominantly, not just the LGBTQ+ community but on our society in whole sets us back,” said Cano.

Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Texas Association of School Boards sharing that there should not be any “pornographic or obscene materials” in schools.

“There is all these negative connotations so when you are putting pornography and LGBTQ+ community kids, you’re basically saying LGBTQ kids are bad,” said Cano.

Cano worries about the effects this kind of censorship could have on young adults. “It’s also navigating your own identity, your gender expression, your sexuality. It all really falls down back to representation,” he said.

ValleyCentral reached out to schools districts and Brownsville ISD said in a statement:

“The Brownsville Independent School District is aware of the current request by State Representative Matt Krause, at this time no action will be taken at the district level until we get further direction from the Texas Education Agency.”

Cano said he hopes these books don’t get banned as it will limit resources for students as well as silence the authors who have written them.