EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Businesses and homeowners across McAllen and Edinburg may see a change in their property tax rates.

“Of course anything we can do to release some of that stress from the families, especially during this hardship, it’s very much appreciated by the community,” Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Edinburg Johnny Garcia said.

For the first time in over two decades, starting Oct. 1, homeowners and businesses in Edinburg can expect a property tax rate reduction.

The current tax rate is .68 cents and will decrease to .64 cents. This decrease saves home and business owners in Edinburg four cents and will not have an impact on city services such as trash and utilities.

Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Garcia says the city anticipates having more tax reductions in the future.

“We are thinking of continuing to try to reduce the taxes. Our goal is maybe in the next 2 or 3 years to at least try to at least .10 more cents total, just to do some kind of relief, our citizens are getting older so we’re all on fixed incomes anything that we can do to help release some of that stress for our citizens that’s what we’re here for,” Garcia said.

Over in McAllen, City Manager Roy Rodriguez is introducing a property tax rate reduction from .4956 per $100 valuation to .4799 to $100 per valuation, something which hasn’t been done in decades.

“We feel really good this year that we’re able to do this kind of reduction to the tax rate as far as we can tell this hasn’t happened in the last 30 to 40 years,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says this proposed plan will take much effort.

“This is probably the most important topic it takes a lot of time on the staff and management to get to this point we start the budget process back in April so think about it we’re in September it’s a very long process we’re a very complicated organization,” Rodriguez said.

However, this would help so many families that have faced several unforeseen challenges.