EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — January 31 is the last day that 2022 property taxes can be paid without penalties and interest.   

Property owners can pay in person, online, or by mail. And in some cases, like in Hidalgo County, owners can also pay at any Lone Star National Bank. 

Some counties offer discount incentives for those who pay taxes early. For example, Cameron County offered a 3% discount if taxes were paid in October, 2% in November, and 1% in December.

“After this month, Feb. 1, they become delinquent,”said Tony Izaguirre, the tax collector for Cameron County. “And the idea of this office is to send out reminder notices, which is the last notice advising the taxpayers that they need to come in and make payment agreements or pay off their property taxes before they become delinquent.”

If you have not received a consolidated 2022 tax statement, you can view your account online or call a tax office. As a taxpayer, you are responsible for your property taxes, even if you do not receive a tax statement.

According to the American Finance and Investment Co., typically, you will incur an immediate penalty of 6% of your original tax bill on the first business day of February, a 1% interest rate per month for each month it goes unpaid in full until June 30th and an additional 2% penalty from July 1st.

“After July 1 of this year, those that haven’t paid their account or haven’t made a payment agreement, all those accounts are going to be transferred over to our delinquent tax attorneys,” Izaquirre said. “And once that is done, then there’s an additional 15% attorneys fees added on, so as you can see, it can get expensive if they forget to come by or there’s notice.”

The government can also start foreclosure proceedings on your property if the taxes go unpaid past the Jan. 31 deadline.  After the property taxes for the preceding tax year are paid, the lien is lifted.