Probable Chikungunya Case Now Confirmed Positive

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The first case of locally acquired Chikungunya has been confirmed out of Brownsville.

The case was reported in November of 2015 and determined probable this year.

Months after the first reported case of Chikungunya we are told by Brownsville’s vector control that the area was sprayed. Last month the county reported that the case was determined probable as a locally acquired case in the state.

Dr. James Castillo, Authority in the Cameron County Health Department says, “We then proceeded to do a lot of history on the patient. To find out if maybe they acquired it by traveling somewhere else, it appears they acquired it locally in Brownsville.”

And now that it is confirmed we have no new information on the patient. What we do know is that we can prevent against mosquitoes, especially after our sudden change of weather.

“Any type of mosquito that also transmits Zika and that has certainly been the bigger health emergency lately. Because of the effects Zika can have,” says Dr. Castillo.  

Despite the case originating from Brownsville, the city’s vector control says it is not only after Chikungunya, they are after the mosquito. The same mosquito is responsible for various diseases including Zika and Dengue Fever.

Brownsville Vector Control employee, Fred Barnes says, “not really anything special, because here in the city of Brownsville we are already proactive larvaciding and insecticide.”

Brownsville collects samples weekly and submits them for testing. The results lately have been positive.

Health officials state that although these mosquito transmitted diseases are not preventable. You can do your part to reduce your chances of getting bit.

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