CBS News is reporting President Donald Trump will announce his decision to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday. 

The decision would impact about one million people daily at valley international bridges. 

If the shut down happens, it would be similar to the Northern Border shutdown that went into effect Wednesday. 

“The Northern Border to Canada will be closed,  this does not include the transit travel or goods,” said Vice President Mike Pence. 

But for those who travel to and from Mexico daily, it can be devastating. 

“It would separate my family,” said Eva Valencia, an American citizen who lives and works in the United States, but all of her family lives in Mexico, “I live over here but I go to Mexico to visit my mom because she’s sick so I go back and forth whenever I want to,  so if they close it will be very hard.”

Eva says her biggest fear is being stuck on one side of the bridge she uses daily shuts down.

“Over there I’ll be with my family,  but I won’t have a job and if I get stuck over here, I’ll have a job but won’t have my family,” said Valencia. 

And the neighboring city of McAllen hopes it doesn’t shut down either.

“We certainly hope that’s not necessary, but if it does become necessary we hope that it’s restricted to voluntary travel and not commerce,” said Kevin Pagan, emergency management coordinator for the City of McAllen. 

The closure is expected to be non-essential travel only meaning essential travel would still be allowed for economic and health safety.

CBS 4 will keep you updated if and when the border shut down and how this will impact not only international travel but if it will impact checkpoints as well.