President Trump discusses border security during his first visit to the Valley

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President Trump made his first visit to the Rio Grande Valley today where he discussed border security with city, county and state leaders.

Today President Trump made a visit to the Rio Grande Valley as he made his case for a border wall.

A demand where he claims to have the support from even those who could lose their land.

President Trump and senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz made their way down to McAllen and Mission to discuss border security with city, county and state leaders.

Valley residents also had the opportunity to have their voice heard.

One local landowner told the President he wants the wall, but suggested the administration should reconsider cutting through peoples land.

“He wants to see a wall, there’s an example of someone who’s wants a wall that’s directly affected and he agrees with me,” said Trump.

CBS 4 Reporter Sydney Hernandez, who was granted special clearance to travel with the President during his visit, asked him whether or not his perspective of the Southern Border has changed.

“I think these agents are incredible, when you meet them it’s different,” said Trump.

Aside from the border wall, the President talked about how he plans to hire more agents and add stronger technology to ports of entry to help with illegal crossings.

“Well if we had a wall we wouldn’t have any problems -but we don’t so,” Trump stated.

During his visit, the President was taken to Anzalduas Park in Mission, a heavily trafficked area. He was briefed by Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Chief Raul Ortiz about the increase in illegal crossings.

“Just yesterday we apprehended 133 people from 41 countries other than Central America and Mexico, that includes Romania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, on and on and on,” said Ortiz.

President Trump told agents he hopes to have the wall funded soon so they can start construction.

“This shouldn’t be happening, what you see in the border is scary because they cross the border but then they disperse into the country,” said Trump.

As for the government shutdown, we asked the President when it will end. He says he will keep the government shutdown going until he gets his wall and says he has support from federal workers.

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