HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Biden administration’s new border enforcement plan is a major change to immigration rules.

The new rules expand on an existing effort to stop Venezuelans from attempting to enter the United States. 

Joaquin Garcia, the director of organization for La Union Del Pueblo Entero, told ValleyCentral what the administration is doing isn’t enough for immigrants who may be attempting to flee their country due to violence. 

“A lot more work has to be done. You know, what is currently being done is not enough. It is a lot of people, you know, getting to the border trying to cross in unsafe conditions because we don’t have the means to process them,” Joaquin Garcia said. 

Those who are seeking asylum can apply online through a cell phone application called CBPONE from their native country. Garcia said many immigrants may not have access to that technology.  

The president announced today he is planning to visit the border wall in El Paso, shortly after congressman Vicente Gonzalez released a statement in support of these actions saying

“I am glad that President Biden is going to visit the Southern Border and am appreciative of the new measures that were just announced. I hope this visit gives the Biden Administration a first-hand understanding at the challenges our communities are facing and the importance of immigration reform.” Congressman Gonzalez said. 

President Biden is set to visit the border wall in El Paso on Sunday, January 8th 2023 which would be his first trip to the southern border since taking office.