Precinct 2 clears debris throughout colonias in Hidalgo County

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Precinct 2 Commissioner Eddie Cantu and field operators returned to rural communities within Hidalgo County for a second round of clean-up on Friday.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Eddie Cantu and field operators returned to colonias within Hidalgo County for a second round of cleanup on Friday.

“It helps the neighborhoods clean up their area,” Cantu said. “A lot of people don’t know how to get rid of big trash and so we come out here to pick it up and we’ll do this in less than a day.”

While waste is collected daily in the city, those who reside on the outskirts of city limits have to purchase a sanitation permit so they can personally transport their trash or waste to the county landfill at their convenience.

Under Cantu’s initiative, residents who live in rural communities can leave bulky items like furniture, electronics, mattresses, white goods, brush and unwanted wood along the curb for pickup.

Prior to the annual cleanup, Cantu sends out field operators to scout areas that are in need of cleaning. This year, El Dora Heights in the northern area of San Juan was one of them.

Martin Barbosa, who has lived in El Dora Heights for almost twelve years, says he’s noticed changes in street cleanliness since Cantu took office.

“They respond quickly, they pick up all the brush and today it made me very happy they picked up all the trash,” Barbosa said.

Cantu says the annual cleanup also gives residents the opportunity to speak with him or field operators about any questions or concerns that they may have. He adds that not too many people directly call the main office.

Items not accepted during the cleanup include commercial construction waste, auto parts and hazardous waste.

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