SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Rainstorms across the valley caused power outages to thousands of residents and local businesses.

According to Eladio Jaimez, the spokesperson for AEP Texas, the outages were caused by lightning striking poles and equipment.

The power outages impacted some local medical businesses in San Benito.

Garett Byrd, the executive director for San Benito Medical Associates, explained that the outage caused their office to open later than usual.

“Having them kind of just show up and then us not be available to treat them is a big problem for the community,” he said.

He said the outage can be an inconvenience for patients, but can also be a loss for the clinic.

“It’s probably going to be six or eight thousand dollars I would assume. Not to mention, the business that we see from the patients that we see we are reimbursed by insurance for that. So, this morning we had seven providers scheduled this morning and so there’s a lot of potential revenue that will be lost from that as well,” said Byrd.

He explained that a generator was used and vaccines were consolidated to one location to keep them at the appropriate temperature.

Fry’s Pharmacy was also impacted by the power outages in the city.

“The main problem for us, is it delays our opening and as it is, stuff comes in overnight and we can’t fill what comes in overnight,” said certified pharmacy technician, Frank Serrata.

He said without power they could not access patient and prescription information.

“You don’t know what the patient can go through. They don’t know if they need it right then and there. Since we haven’t processed it, they can go back to the doctor and say ‘hey can you send it somewhere else,’ and there’s where we see the loss,” said Serrata.

Eladio Jaimez, AEP Texas’ spokesperson, said the power outages peaked in San Benito at 8:00 am.

“The hardest-hit area was the San Benito area, where at peak time we had about 5,600 customers out,” said Jaimez.

He explained that crews are dispatched to the areas in need of repairs once the conditions are safe.

Jaimez recommended customers report outages through the AEP mobile application and added that customers can also receive notifications of outages through the application.

“If you have medical equipment, life support equipment, medication that requires electricity, always have a plan to back that electricity up. Sometimes in the case of a hurricane or case of a storm, while we can anticipate outages, we can’t anticipate how long the restoration process will last,” said Jaimez.