Potholes in alleyway of Brownsville business need major repairs, says owner

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — One property owner in downtown Brownsville said his building shares an alleyway with the city’s historic Immaculate Conception Cathedral, yet the alleyway is filled with potholes.

“We’ve been trying to get this alley taken care of for the last five years, over five years,” said Joe Martinez, a property owner of a building in downtown Brownsville. “We’ve called, we left a message with the city manager, we left a message with someone named Alicia, but this is just constant.”

Martinez said that most recently he’s seen people falling into the potholes in the alleyway–one being his tenant.

ValleyCentral spoke with the tenant who confirmed that he twisted his ankle while unloading packages in the alleyway due to potholes.

Martinez said the city has patched up some potholes, but said they are not permanent repairs.

“After it rains the problem comes back again, ok? I think what we need to do is have the whole alleyway paved just like the rest of the city,” said Martinez.

Aside from the worsening condition of the street, Martinez said there is crime, illegal dumping, and people urinating on their property.

However, Martinez explained that the city told him if the dumpster is overflowing they will be fined.

ValleyCentral contacted the city of Brownsville to see if or when Martinez could expect the alley to be paved.

The City of Brownsville is currently assessing the request submitted by the business owner. The community’s safety remains a top priority and the police department, engineering and public works department, and city manager’s office are working to address the situation appropriately.

Felipe Romero – Pubic Information Officer City of Brownsville

Martinez said they share the alleyway with the city’s historic Immaculate Conception Cathedral and it should be taken care of, but said he is losing hope.

“Nothing happens, and pretty much we don’t know what else to do,” said Martinez.

The city of Brownsville encourages any residents with an issue or concern to call (956) 546-4357 where they can speak to a city representative who will intake their information and get it to the proper channels.

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