PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Pharr City commissioners voted to raise their property tax rate.

Commissioners allowed for public comment so residents can express concerns.

“You know there’s labor shortages, inflation, and all kinds of things that had a direct impact on all these major projects and capitol that are going on,” Interim City Manager with the City of Pharr Jonathan Flores said.

Pharr’s current tax rate is 71.76 cents per $100 dollars of taxable assessed value.

That rate will increase by five cents going to 76.76 cents.

City officials say their goal is to make Pharr a destination city for not just visitors but also residents.

“So you know I think that over the last 10 years our community can see where the funds have been going and see where we have allocated resources we want the City of Pharr to be the place for our residents and those visiting to be able to come and enjoy and not have to go to other cities,” Flores said.

Flores says a big reason for the potential uptick is because of projects happening within the city and inflation becoming a challenge.

“Again when you look at things and major projects that are going on within the city and then you budgeted it at a certain amount and then there’s inflation well that’s got to come from somewhere,” Flores said.

City leaders say another reason why we’re seeing this potential tax increase is because they say the City of Pharr is growing.

However, if this tax increase were to pass that would affect area homeowners as well.

The average home in Pharr is appraised at about $150,000.

The five-cent tax hike would add roughly $75 to the annual bill.

“At this point in time it’s coming upon us to be able to raise those taxes so we can continue to enhance and improve the quality of life for all those visiting or residing in our great city,” Flores said.

The commission approved the tax hike, with one commissioners voting against the measure. It will take this fall.

You can watch the city commission meeting HERE.