PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Port Isabel Independent School District hosted an active shooter training where officers went through a number of scenarios aimed at taking down a gunman. 

In the wake of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Port Isabel ISD Police Chief Ricardo Herrera said the training is for officers in the area.

“We are having the active shooter training and are doing the 2195 [Texas House Bill 2195] that is required by [Texas Education Agency] TEA.” Herrera goes on to say, “we have multiage agencies here today we have South Padre Island, Laguna Visita, and of course the instructors from Brownsville PD.”

In the training, officers learn to use stealth movement and non-verbal communication. It is a crucial factor when doing active shooter training. 

“It enables each officer to be safe and maintain proximity in between each other. We make sure we have good communication all the way from the approach to ground zero.” Herrera adds, “If an active situation does occur, it needs to be stopped immediately.”

Aside from the training, Herrera said there are other safety measures in place. 

“We receive TEA audits and are securing all areas needed in order to maintain the school district’s security,” said Herrera. 

Law enforcement hopes an active shooter situation doesn’t happen but says it is better to be safe and prepared, which is what this training was all about.